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Valerie Pittman

“What makes Meadows Health special? It’s the commitment and the drive and the willingness of our people who have a passion for their patients and for medicine.” – Alan Kent, CEO

Meet Valerie Pittman, RN/clinical nurse educator.

Valerie Pittman is one of those rare individuals who found her calling at an early age and it all started with a trip to a Savannah hospital.

“I remember stepping up on the stepping stool to look through the nursery window,” says Valerie recounting the visit with her mother to see a new baby cousin. After seeing the nurses caring for the newborns, she knew on the spot that’s what she wanted to do.

Today Valerie is doing just that.

As the clinical nurse educator for maternal child services, Valerie works primarily in the Labor and Delivery Department and the newborn nursery.

She also teaches the childbirth classes for new moms and dads, manages the department’s charting system, oversees new hire orientation, coordinates certifications and serves as the department’s lactation counselor.

“I wear many hats,” she says laughing.

Helping to Take Labor and Delivery to the Next Level.

It’s a specialized role that suits Valerie perfectly, given her 19 years with Meadows Health. It’s also a relatively new role which she says signals a commitment on the part of Meadows to have a dedicated educator.

“Being able to be in that role on a day-to-day basis I think makes a huge difference with our other departments and our hospital as a whole.”

She is also proud of the commitment Meadows has made to nurse education and points to the many certifications she and her colleagues frequently pursue in order to increase patient safety and healthy outcomes among patients.

“When you have a regional medical center like this that’s growing and wanting to prosper and do better, then you’ve got to stay up on the latest practices and you’ve got to have evidence-based practices,” says Valerie.

“I feel very proud that I’m from this community and that we have this regional medical center here,” she says. “And it’s really nice when one of the moms who took your class comes in for delivery and everything comes full circle. That’s a really proud moment for me.”