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Tim Jones

“What makes Meadows Health special? It’s the commitment and the drive and the willingness of our people who have a passion for their patients and for medicine.” – Alan Kent, CEO

Meet Tim Jones, application analyst manager.

When you think of what makes a hospital or a healthy system run smoothly, you don’t often think of those who keep the computers running or the technology up-to-date, but that’s exactly what Tim Jones does. At least part of it.

“We do work behind the scenes, but we are definitely an important part of the big picture of patient care here at Meadows Health,” he says.

As an application analyst manager in the IT Department – a department of 17 – Tim oversees a group of nine clinical and application analysts primarily responsible for implementing and supporting the medical center’s electronic health records system, or EHR.

His team also supports many of the applications used throughout the hospital and the health system’s physician practices.

“I work with a great group – not only in our department but in our organization,” he says. “They are some of the brightest, most hard working, reliable and caring people I’ve ever been around and worked with.”

Helping to Take IT to the Next Level.

One of the biggest changes Tim has seen in just the last few years has been the rapid growth of IT in the healthcare industry.

“We’ve probably doubled our IT staff since I first started,” he says. “And the thing I really like about Meadows is its commitment to the newest, state-of-the-art technology.”

“Our administration has always provided us with the necessary resources and support that enables us to provide our clinical and non-clinical staff with the best technology so that they, in turn, can provide the absolute best patient care in their different areas,” he says.

It’s Personal.

For Tim, doing his part so that Meadows Health as a whole can provide great patient care isn’t just an abstract concept. It’s personal.

Tim’s father was diagnosed with leukemia about a year ago. Fortunately, he went on to receive several months of outpatient chemotherapy at The Tommy and Shirley Strickland Cancer Center and today is cancer free.

“It’s kind of a scary diagnosis, but having the cancer center here in our community was definitely helpful,” Tim says. “Because of the technology and services offered here, I didn’t have to drive him an hour or two down the road for treatment. I was able to drop him off at his daily appointments each morning on my way to work. And he always bragged about the staff there and how they treated him, so I’m thankful for that as well. It just really speaks to the kind of people we have working here.”