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Prone Breast Radiation Therapy

Prone Breast Radiation Therapy is a unique form of radiation treatment which involves having the patient lie face down on a specially-designed table while the breast or breasts receiving radiation hang away from the body.

Studies have shown that lying in the prone position offers women undergoing this type of therapy many benefits. With the breast away from the body, radiation exposure to the surrounding organs and tissues is minimized and the risk from long-term side effects from radiation greatly reduced.

The heart is especially vulnerable to damage when the left breast is treated with radiation since the heart is on the left side of the chest. This makes this therapy ideal for those who need breast cancer treatment in their left breast. However, it can be used to treat either or both breasts.

This therapy can also help minimize interference from normal respiratory movement and cardiac systole, or the body’s heart contractions, which can lead to greater accuracy of treatment. Patients who undergo Prone Breast Radiation Therapy also experience less soreness and skin reactions.