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3D Mammography at Meadows Health

For many women, getting a mammogram can be anything but a pleasant experience. In fact, anxiety from pain or discomfort is often cited as the main reason women fail to get regular mammograms.

However, Meadows Health is working to change that perception by employing some of the latest technology, which also provides better detection.

Designed for Comfort

As technicians know, when women are more relaxed and comfortable, they are less likely to move – and that can lead to a better quality of images. That’s why the Senographe PristinaTM Mammography System is so exciting for both patients and healthcare providers alike.

Created by a team of women who worked with radiologists, technologists and patients to perfect, the Pristina was designed with the patient’s comfort in mind.

Comfortable headrests, soft armrests and other features provide more support, enabling patients to relax their muscles and achieve more ideal positioning for images. In fact, radiologists who use the Pristina report getting 5% more breast tissue on images.

Overall, 83% of women said they experienced a better mammogram with the Pristina system, while 97% said they were less anxious.

Better Detection Means Earlier Diagnosis

For many women – especially those with dense breast tissue – 3D mammography may be the better choice.

While traditional, or 2D mammograms, create two-dimensional images of the breast, 3D takes multiple images to create a clearer, multi-layered image. This enables technicians to see more of the breast tissue, making it easier to detect the presence of breast cancer or abnormalities, gauge the size of masses and find cancer earlier.

In addition, 3D can reduce the chances for false positives, which means fewer call backs for additional images. For many women, that means less anxiety overall.

Similar Process, No Greater Risk

Compared to traditional, or 2D mammography, 3D mammography follows the same process though it may take slightly longer to undergo the screening since 3D captures more images.

Also, there is no additional risk since the Pristina delivers the same low dose of radiation delivered with 2D.

Find Out if 3D is Right for You

At the Women’s Center, we are happy to discuss the benefits of 3D, so that you can decide if this type of mammography is right for you.

Most insurance plans cover 3D mammography. However, for those plans that do not cover 3D, there is a $100 copay.

You do not need an order to have a mammogram, however you need a physician who can follow-up with you on your results.

For more information about the new technology or to schedule a mammogram today, call Meadows Health Scheduling at 912.535.5679.