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Heart Health Diagnostics


Cardiac Catheterizations

This is the most advanced procedure for evaluating your heart’s health. A catheter is passed through a large blood vessel to your heart so your physician can see the flow of blood and pinpoint blockages or potential problems.

Stress Testing

Electrodes measure changes in heart rate, blood pressure and heart rhythm, often while you’re on a treadmill or stationary bike. The results are used to diagnose heart disease and help prevent heart attacks.


Electrocardiograms can show evidence of a previous heart attack, decreased oxygen, an arrhythmia and other symptoms of endangered heart health—all within minutes. During the exam, small sticky electrodes are applied to your body and connected to an EKG machine to record your heart’s electrical impulses.

Pulmonary Function Testing

By having you breathe into different devices, technologists can measure your lungs’ capacities and how well they absorb oxygen into the bloodstream. This test is used to diagnose breathing problems like asthma or emphysema, assess a medication’s effectiveness and measure patient progress.