Get In Line Here - Labs
Get In Line Here - Radiology

Upon admission you will meet with an admission department representative who will help you sign in to our medical center, assist you with your identification bracelet and escort you to your room. Except in cases of emergency, your physician will make the necessary arrangements for your laboratory tests, examinations, medications and other special treatments you may need.

Consent Forms
You may be asked to sign consent forms for certain types of treatment, tests or procedures. These tests or procedures should have been explained to you by your physician. If you do not understand the procedure or test you are asked to consent to, ask your nurse to notify your physician.

Going Home
While we hope your medical center experience is pleasant, we know you’ll be glad to go home. But first we must adhere to some regulations concerning your discharge. Your physician will discuss your release with you and will write a discharge order on your chart. After you receive your discharge instructions, a hospital volunteer or transporter will escort you to your car.