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Wound Care Services

For proper healing, a wound must be in the right environment and receive specialized care. That’s where our Wound Care Centers® come in. With advanced medical techniques and the latest scientific advances, each treatment follows a protocol specific to the type of wound. Treatment plans are customized to each patient, with healing techniques including:

Biological Skin Substitutes

When there’s a significant loss of skin—or difficulty in regrowth of new tissue-as a result of a diabetic wound, for example—bio-engineered skin “substitutes” are used to reduce inflammation, promote cell growth, minimize scar tissue and enhance healing.

Compression Dressings and Therapy

If you’re dealing with swollen, achy legs or varicose veins, compression therapy can help. Tight stockings or socks are designed to support veins, reduce swelling, prevent blood from pooling and increase circulation.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy increases the body’s own wound-healing abilities, and is one of the best forms of adjunct therapy for many types of wounds. Learn more about HBOT here

Negative Pressure Therapy

This therapeutic technique uses a special sealed dressing to apply a vacuum pump and create controlled pressure to draw fluid from the wound and increase blood flow.


This technique involves using specialized dressings, padding or other devices to relieve pressure on a wounded area, usually in the lower extremities.

Platelet Derived Growth Factor (PDGF)

Often used for diabetic foot ulcers, prescribed doses of PDGF gels can be applied to stimulate your body's own regenerative mechanisms and produce new tissue and blood vessels.

Surgical Debridement

If dead or damaged tissue is preventing a wound from healing properly, our specialists may use a process called debridement. This surgical procedure removes unhealthy tissue and promotes healing.

Topical Wound Therapy

In many cases, the best course of action is to create a moist, sterile environment to promote healing while keeping infection-causing bacteria at bay. This is where our advanced medications and topical treatments can help.

Our team will help determine the best course of therapy during your initial visit. Call us at 912.277.2077 (Vidalia) or 478.410.3500 (Downtown Dublin) to schedule an appointment today. No referral necessary.