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We correct all kinds of conditions in both adults and children, including:

Cardiovascular Surgery

Heart attack victims have immediate access to the area's most advanced, life-saving procedures here at Meadows Regional. Learn more.

ENT Surgery

We correct all kind of painful ear, nose and throat conditions in both children and adults—from pediatric ear tubes to balloon sinuplasty to thyroid surgery. Learn more.


Gynecologic and Obstetric Surgery


Our OB/GYNs surgically manage conditions ranging from incontinence to pelvic pain, and coordinate with our cancer center for cancer-related surgeries. In our Women’s Pavilion, C-sections are performed in a specialized suite. Learn more.


Orthopedic Surgery


Our orthopedic surgeons are highly experienced in joint replacements, foot surgery and more. And we’re the only accredited hospital meeting strict orthopedic standards set by the DNV. Learn more.


Urologic Surgery


Our expert urologists relieve patients from kidney stones and other painful conditions affecting the urinary tract. Learn more.