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Physical Therapy

The treatment of illnesses or injuries that affect movement, with the aim of increasing mobility and performance.

Occupational Therapy

Therapy to help improve the performance of the activities of daily living after illness or injury.

Speech Therapy

Treatment of speech defects and disorders, through use of exercises and audio-visual aids to develop new speech habits.

Communication Disorder

  • Speech and Language: Aphasia, dysarthria, receptive and expressive language impairment, articulation impairment
  • Voice: Voice impairment including vocal nodules and head/neck cancer
  • Fluency: Stuttering—developmental or neurogenic stuttering, word finding

Cognitive Impairment:  Difficulty in thinking ability, including memory, attention, orientation, problem solving, organization, processing speed, and mental flexibility among other deficits

Dysphagia (difficulty swallowing): swallowing impairment including the oral, pharyngeal, and esophageal stages of the swallow

Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehabilitation

A comprehensive program designed to improve the quality of life for those suffering from heart or pulmonary disease. Learn more.