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Lab Tests and Procedures

Anatomical Pathology

Used to help diagnose disease by directly examining affected tissues, often under a microscope, anatomical pathology includes a range of tests from examining biopsies to evaluating routine Pap smear results.


To identify antibodies that may affect blood transfusions or otherwise impact patient care in cases such as pregnancies, we use immunohematology to test serum or plasma.


This broad field of lab work encompasses everything from blood cells to skin, and may assist in treatment of disorders as simple as common allergies and as complex as AIDS.

Industrial Drug Screening

Meadows Regional is a proud supporter of the Toombs-Montgomery Chamber of Commerce "Drugs Don’t Work" program.


Microbiology is the science that unlocks doors to identifying disease-carrying microorganisms. We use the latest technologies and methods to test for everything from bacteria causing urinary tract infections to the gene associated with MRSA (a strain of bacteria resistant to powerful antibiotics).