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Logan Martin

“What makes Meadows Health special? It’s the commitment and the drive and the willingness of our people who have a passion for their patients and for medicine.” – Alan Kent, CEO

Meet Logan Martin, exercise specialist.

Logan Martin loves what he does and it shows.

As a personal trainer and exercise specialist at the Wellness Center, Logan works with people of all ages and exercise backgrounds. From high school students wanting to build strength to play sports to seniors trying to regain muscle strength or mobility, Logan is there with an encouraging word.

“I feel very confident that anyone can come in, follow our programs and improve their health,” he says.

Born and raised in Vidalia, Logan became passionate about fitness and nutrition right out of high school. He went on to earn his exercise science degree from Georgia Southern and returned to Vidalia where he now helps others become stronger and healthier.

It can be particularly rewarding, he says, to see someone’s overall quality of life improve.

A recent client, for example, had been struggling to carry in her groceries and often found herself out of breath. After following Logan’s instruction for about eight weeks, she suddenly noticed an improvement.

“She told me she had carried in a case of water by herself,” he says. “I’d been telling her she was getting stronger, but she just didn’t realize it until that happened. Now she’s seeing it and her confidence has grown.”

Helping to Take the Wellness Center to the Next Level.

Logan believes one of the biggest contributions to his clients’ success is the Wellness Center itself.

“Everyone here is very welcoming,” he says. “It’s a very judgment-free zone.”

He particularly enjoys the atmosphere and can-do attitude of the staff.

“I feel like we are a good team. Everyone gets along and enjoys what they do. We really just have a top notch group of people here,” he says.

And the thing he’s proudest of? It’s how the community he grew up in engages with the Wellness Center.

“I think the community really enjoys the atmosphere here, how our fitness center is ran and the people we have,” he says. “So regardless of whether I’m doing it, or one of our other instructors are doing it, we really try to help people and work to tailor to the needs of the community. And I think that shows.”