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Leslie Kyzer

“What makes Meadows Health special? It’s the commitment and the drive and the willingness of our people who have a passion for their patients and for medicine.” – Alan Kent, CEO

Meet Leslie Kyzer, Physical Therapy Assistant.

Leslie Kyzer, Physical Therapy Assistant, has worked at Meadows for 16 years. Her focus includes orthopedics, with an emphasis on knee and athletic injuries.

Patient Relationships are What Matters Most.

When asked what she liked best about her job, she said it was helping people and making a difference in their lives. “I enjoy getting to really know my patients, not just treating the ailment,” she said. “My patients and I build lasting relationships and they stay in touch and often stop by for a visit. There are even many patients that I worked with 10-15 years ago, that have stayed in touch throughout the years and still come by.”

Leslie didn’t always want to be a therapy assistant. “When I initially began attaining my education, I was taking a different occupational route. But through a chain of events, I was led to physical therapy and I feel it’s what I was meant to do. It’s gratifying, making a difference, helping patients get back to living life. It’s not just about the physical outcome, it’s about the functional outcome. 

Teamwork is Key.

When it comes to her coworkers, Leslie says teamwork is most important. “Everyone is dedicated,” she said. “We’re like a family and we work together as a cohesive team.”