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Curbside Outpatient Lab

Get in Line

Now Offering Curbside Lab Testing & Accepting all Physician Orders

(Excludes COVID-19 Testing)

Our curbside lab hours are Monday-Friday 7:00 am to 4:00 pm.
We ask that all patients needing lab work be in line and parked by 3:30 pm.


Curbside Lab Service Instructions

We’re continuing to change the way we serve our patients to make things safer, faster, and easier for you. One of those changes is our Drive-Up Lab Service. Patients can now get lab work right from their car. The process is simple:

  1. When you arrive, follow the signs to the Curbside Lab area. Curbside Lab is conveniently located behind the hospital by the Women’s Pavilion. Patients will enter at the West Entrance on the side of the hospital (off Meadows Parkway) and follow signage for the Curbside Lab.
  2. Click “Get in Line” on the Meadows Website from your mobile device and fill out the information required. Patients will get in line utilizing the signage indicating the area designated for testing. Patients must be in-line by 3:30pm. Once in line, patients will check in following the virtual check-in process.Patients will not need to get out of their vehicles.
  3. A staff member will walk out to greet and register the patient after check-in. The patient will be asked for their name, date of birth, insurance card, and a copy of the lab order (if applicable). 
  4. A technician will come to your car and complete your lab work. Patients will receive an arm band and a phlebotomist will draw the necessary labs at the patient’s vehicle.
  5. Results will be sent to the ordering Physician/APP.

CHECK IN NOW for Curbside Outpatient Lab Service.

*In the Event of Inclement Weather
Patients will be screened at the Curbside Lab and brought inside for services.

Click here to download and print curbside lab instructions.