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About us 

Meadows Health is a regional health system featuring:


·       The only nationally accredited hospital in Montgomery, Toombs, Treutlen and Tattnall counties. Includes six surgical suites, which are among the most advanced in
        the state.

·       A large emergency department with 22 trauma, diagnostic and treatment rooms.

·       A Women's Pavilion with large, spacious labor and delivery suites and state-of-the-art nursery.

·       An ultra-modern cardiovascular lab where physicians provide diagnostic and interventional cardiology services such as angioplasty and heart catheterizations.

·       A network of physician practices that serve Vidalia and the surrounding communities.

·       The latest in medical advancements including state of the art cancer care, life-saving heart attack procedures, women’s services, wound care and orthopedic 


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When we initiated planning for the new Meadows Regional Medical Center 10 years ago, we shared a unified vision. We wanted to develop a medical center that embraced the latest medical advancements, enhanced both patient care and comfort, and could accommodate future healthcare developments. Today, this remarkable facility is teeming with technology, has an eye to the future with next-generation IT infrastructure, is built to accommodate another floor when the need arises and features major comfort and convenience enhancements. This was all done to bring the benefits of today’s latest medical breakthroughs to families throughout our region for generations to come. It’s physical evidence of our commitment to be here for you, and for your family. For Life.

Our six new surgical suites all feature the latest overhead-mounted systems with high-definition video, advanced monitoring technology and hands-free communications 
The cardiovascular lab’s ceiling-mounted Siemens® Artis system puts high-definition monitors, catheter systems and digital medical records at eye level so they’re more accessible for cardiologists. 

The emergency department is home to new state-of-the-art patient monitoring systems, digital record keeping and smart IV pumps that regulate fluid and medication intake. The new REACH teleneurology system allows off-site neurologists to consult with bedside physicians in real time. 


  • Meadows Regional is the only hospital in Georgia with two Toshiba® 320-slice CT scanners. Their detailed 3D images help diagnose heart and vascular disease with unprecedented clarity.
  • Meadows Regional’s Toshiba Titan MRI with high-definition 3D images, the advanced MRI makes joint replacement surgery more precise and detects breast cancer earlier.
  • The advanced GE® Logic 9 ultrasound has both 3D and 4D images so parents can see their developing child’s face as early as 32 weeks.
  • All technology is linked by a secure digital network that allows transmission across the hospital in an instant.
  • Hospital-wide Integration Lab samples and medications move via an enclosed tube system, delivering results and relief faster than before.
  • Advanced Construction The construction of the facility itself helps make it a safer, more efficient environment for health care. The building is supported by 350 Geopiers® to provide stability in the event of an earthquake.
  • Meadows is leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and robotic process automation to increase operating efficiency while reducing errors and rework.


Why Choose a Career in Vidalia, Georgia?

More and more highly experienced physicians, surgeons and medical specialists are relocating to Vidalia, Georgia.

Here’s why

Ideal Location

Situated at the heart of southeast Georgia, the Vidalia area is perfect for people who prefer friendly, crowd-free living. Our nine-county, family-friendly community is a place where daily commutes take minutes and weekends are for breathing fresh, sunshine-filled air. We’re within three hours of downtown Atlanta, Augusta, Macon and Savannah…and even closer to the Atlantic Coast.


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Lots to Do

As a resident of the Vidalia area, you can enjoy an active lifestyle with family festivals, parks and nature. Here are some of the highlights:

4 rivers for fishing, kayaking and canoeing
Beautiful parks, plantations, ranches and stables.
Annual Vidalia Onion Festival

Abundant land for hunting! Deer, dover, ducks, quail, turkeys, wild hogs .. escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life and enjoy a day for a hunt


Excellent Schools

Toombs and Montgomery counties offer excellent private and public school systems. Our region is also home to Southeastern Technical College and Brewton-Parker College.