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Andrea Burkett

“What makes Meadows Health special? It’s the commitment and the drive and the willingness of our people who have a passion for their patients and for medicine.” – Alan Kent, CEO

Meet Andrea Burkett, CT technologist.

When some patients meet Andrea Burkett, they don’t just feel like they know her, they actually know her. That’s because Andrea was born and raised in Vidalia.

“I’ve been here my entire life so when people come in, they often know me or someone in my family,” she says.

That’s why it’s important to her to put her patients at ease.

“It may also be their first time in radiology and they may not know what to expect,” she adds. “So they want to see a smiling face.”

A Good Feeling.

Andrea started working in the Radiology Department at Meadows Health in 2005 as a student radiographer. Today, she is nationally certified in not one but three areas: radiology, mammography and computed tomography.

“Just to know that I can work in any of these modalities, and that I can help out in any way is a good feeling,” she says.

A commitment to excellence is something she says she shares with her colleagues.

“I don’t use the phrase ‘well oiled machine’ very often, but that really is a good description for our department,” she says. “If there is something to be done, we don’t even have to ask. We just know what each other is thinking and that makes work enjoyable to know that I have the coworkers that I do.”

Helping to Take Radiology to the Next Level.

In just the past 13 years, Andrea says she’s been amazed by the changes in technology and the addition of new equipment.

“The image quality of these scanners is just amazing. You can’t go anywhere and have the quality imaging that we have,” she says. “That is one of the things I really like about Meadows. They make sure we have top-of-the-line, up-to-date technology for our patients.”

But the thing she’s most proud of?

“Being part of the Meadows Health team,” she says. “It’s such a nice hospital, and we get such positive feedback. And it’s nice when patients ask for you by name.”