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Rehab Therapies Can Restore Hope and Quality of Life

Published: 02/10/21

Meadows Health offers a range of rehabilitative therapy types aimed at helping people get their lives back. “Anything that has caused a disruption in a person’s daily routine – whether it’s from disease, trauma or disability – we help them to return to their prior level of function or it might be that we help them to heal first,” says Lynn Day, one of the occupational therapists working at Meadows Health. 

Being unable to perform day-to-day tasks can feel discouraging. Rehabilitative therapies, such as physical therapy or occupational therapy – can restore hope and quality of life for patients. Leslie Kyzer, one of Meadows physical therapy assistants, feels her job is not just about the physical outcome, it’s about the functional outcome. For Leslie, it’s gratifying, making a difference, helping patients get back to living life.

Whether you are a stroke patient working to regain function in the upper extremities or hands, or you’re an orthopedic patient recovering from surgery or an injury, the team of speech, physical, occupational respiratory therapist at Meadows Health Therapy in the Wellness Center may use a variety of techniques and therapies designed to help you regain function, mobility and to become well again.

Treatment may include:

  • Physical therapy to help regain movement after a sports injury or surgical procedure. Physical therapists can also work with patients on balance issues, which can help prevent falls and avoid injury.
  • Occupational therapy for assistance with activities of daily living (ADL) such as dressing, bathing, eating or even handwriting.
  • Speech therapy to address speech defects and disorders affecting speech. It may include exercises and the use of audio-visual aids. 
  • Certain therapies to focus on addressing communication disorders, including cognitive impairments, and swallowing difficulty.  
  • Cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation helps support patients who are recovering from a heart attack, cardiac or lung disorder, heart or lung surgery, or related events. 

Since the therapy division is located right in the Meadows Health Wellness Center, patients can easily transition right into a fitness class or program when they’re ready.  

While these therapies have been around a while, they continue to evolve and improve. “The way we treat patients has changed so much, and it’s going to keep changing,” says Shannon Brantley, PT, ATC, director of therapy and sports medicine. “We’re going to keep getting better at it.”