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Patient-Centered Advantages of Using Meadows Imaging Center

Published: 12/11/20

When you need a screening or a scan, you have options. Statewide, regionally, or even nationally, there are various healthcare facilities, hospitals, and centers to choose from. And while many share the same features, technology, and capabilities, there’s one factor that isn’t present just anywhere: trust.

We understand the significance of cultivating a trustworthy environment that provides high-level care and instills unshakable confidence in our patients. The Meadows Imaging Center is a place people come to get trustworthy results they can depend on to make educated and informed decisions about their health.

As a complement to the Meadows Health radiology department, our outpatient Imaging Center offers several distinct benefits and high-quality services that ensure patients have access to a full range of options for advanced imaging screenings and studies.

To get a better feel for when and why patients choose Meadows Imaging Center for their screening needs, let’s explore a handful of the top advantages and features.

Top 4 Advantages of Meadows Imaging Center

1. Convenience

There’s a time and place for visiting the hospital for imaging services, but if your goal is to go in for a quick scan or study in the middle of a busy day or crowded schedule, it’s not always the easiest option. The beauty of the Meadows Imaging Center is that we operate as an outpatient facility. This means we can schedule appointments that work for your busy lifestyle while eliminating the need to visit our other state of the art facility at Meadows Regional Medical Center.

Ultimately, the choice of where to go for your imaging needs is your decision. Still, we believe the convenience of the Imaging Center makes for a simple and convenient option for many patients.

2. State of the Art Imaging Technology

While convenience is certainly a compelling factor, patients can also rest assured that the Imaging Center has some of the most state of the art imaging technology in the industry. This allows them to offer a variety of imaging screenings and studies.

According to Tracey Kennedy, Administrative Director of Radiology at Meadows Regional Medical Center, “We currently offer  MRI (non-contrast studies), 2D and 3D Mammograms, and General/Echo and Vascular Ultrasound.”

If a patient needs one of the aforementioned studies, the Imaging Center is an excellent option. There are, however, times when patients will need to visit the hospital for select imaging services.

“If the patient needs an MRI with contrast, diagnostic mammograms, breast biopsies, breast ultrasound, X-rays, or CT, they should go to the hospital instead,” Kennedy explains.

3. Affordability

Pricing is another advantage of scheduling a study or screening at the Imaging Center. Because it’s separate from the hospital, there aren’t as many costs associated with using these services.

Most insurance companies are covered at the Imaging Center, though there are still a few that aren’t. (They include United Healthcare, Cigna, MHP, and Multiplan.) If you’re uncertain of how this impacts your imaging needs, you can always reach out with any questions you may have.

4. Comfort Factor

While tangible factors like convenience, technology, and affordability all matter, sometimes patients just want to feel safe and comfortable. And at Meadows Imaging Center, the comfort factor is a major priority.

“Meadows is patient-centered, and we strive to give quality patient care,” Kennedy mentions. “We genuinely care about our patients and want to make sure they have the best experience possible during their visit. All of our Technologists are registered and highly trained.”

Whether it’s 2D and 3D mammography, MRI and non-contrast MRI, or ultrasounds, the team at Meadows Imaging Center knows just how to make sure the experience is quick, smooth, affordable and carefree.


Contact Meadows Imaging Center Today

The Meadows Imaging Center provides a variety of services to patients who need fast, convenient, and affordable results that are supported by the latest advances in imaging technology.

The office is conveniently located in Suite B of the Lucy Pierson Building. If you would like to schedule an appointment or learn more about the services and studies provided, please call 912.535.7100. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have!